• Volunteer
    A relevant and productive education making a difference in their lives
  • Our educational approach
    We believe in education that provides better living conditions
  • Ángel Ramírez
    We want a better world ... With opportunities for everybody
  • Rural sectors
    Rural sectors
    Help us to being reality the dreams of the young from rural sectors
  • EMR Boyacá 2015 - 2018
    "We are working for the Territorial Development of Boyacá ... know our project EMR Boyacá 2015 - 2018"

We are a non-profit organization, created in 2004, dedicated to promoting education and local development, through the promotion of a relevant and quality education in the Colombian rural sector.

Our mission

To give a quality and relevant education and promote initiatives productive of development with private and public support for rural and marginal urban children and communities who live in poverty to improve their living conditions.